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How To Choose The Correct Floor For Each Of The Spaces?

When thinking about remodeling or construction, one of the most important points that we think about is the floors, since they are the ones that can give the space more elegance as well as more light within it. Currently within the market we can find a wide variety of floors, both in colors, shapes or sizes, but do you know which is the ideal one to use in each space?

Among the floors that we can find in the market, are ceramic, porcelain and grees, in addition to finding polished, enameled, imitation timber and textured finishes. Other options can be laminates or vinyl.

Within this wide variety of floors, we must know which one to choose for each room since each one has its specific functions, characteristics and needs to cover. Not all floors will be the best option to place in each of the spaces.

Textured floors are more recommended for the use of outdoor spaces such as terraces or garages, smooth ones for kitchens, living rooms or dining rooms, while timber imitation is more used in spaces such as bedrooms. Likewise, the imitation of woods are the same used in outdoor spaces since they are rich in textures.

For the kitchen, the use of very smooth floors is not recommended, since this space is where spillage of liquids or other food can more easily occur, and can cause some type of accident inside it, it is not advisable to use floors with textures, since this space is the one that must be kept cleaner because it is the one where food preparation is carried out and these tiles are the ones that can store more dirt inside them.

The ideal type of floor for every room


Being a place used more than anything to relax and get away from the world a bit, thus being your own space, it is necessary to use a floor that provides warmth to it. For this reason, it is advisable to use wood-type ceramics as well as laminate, since they are the ones that provide the most that touch of warmth to the environment in addition to being soft in texture, thus being able to provide a warm touch, for the soles of your feet.


This space is the second most shared in the house, which is why much more light must be generated within it. It is more advisable to use light-colored floors so that they provide more light within the space, if the place has large windows it could be a great option for the use of floors with darker tones. If not, it is advisable to use smooth floors with light colors.


In outdoor spaces such as the garage, it is better to use textured and dark-colored floors, since unlike smooth floors it will prevent the car from slipping in winter, when the floor tends to become more slippery, in addition to As it is a space exposed to the elements, the dark tones help it hide the dirt that it could see inside the space or that it would be exposed to acquire.


For the shower area it is better to use non-slip tiles, since it is the area most exposed to moisture, for the bathroom we can use some type of tile with shades that match the color of the paint on the walls, It is more advisable to use some type of ceramic or porcelain since these are the ones that usually have the highest water absorption and can be the easiest to clean when they get wet, in addition to that they do not usually have any type of damage when exposed to this type of weather conditions.