Your Choice Of Timber Floor

Under the fiberboard, a rubber, foam or fiber base is laid under the planks to reduce noise. Floating floors have small holes, but little movement. If you want tight-fitting floors that do not have holes and little movement, the tongue and groove is for you. 


If you decide on a floor color, it will be a lot easier to choose the particular type of timber. Within these families, you can narrow to light, medium or dark, which will give you a very special group to choose from.


 A step up from it is usually called “standard class” and has smaller markings. Giving a more polished feel, it is ideal for those who want a modern yet natural look. The most expensive timber floors will be smooth and grease-free, with only light markings.

Timber is unique from timber to wood, so colors, patterns and textures will never fit perfect for another. This makes the timber floors valuable and interesting, so expect a little diversity from yours when it comes.