Label the Track

Double Click on your edited track in MapSource to open the Track Properties spreadsheet. At the top is a large Name field.

The naming rules are as follows: Number Name Type Use, where:

  • Number is the USFS, NPS, or BLM trail number, may not have one in which case blank.
  • Name is the USFS, NPS, or BLM trail name, may not have one, in which case you supply a meaningful short name if there is no number.
  • Type - Trail or Route, is this a manufactured and maintained Trail or is this a barely visible or cairn marked Route? Trails and routes will be assigned different line types.
  • Use, what is most mechanized conveyance allowed on this trail? Examples: Foot, Bike, A T V,4WD, Motorized Single Track, pick one of those five.

Examples: 118 Happy Lake Trail Foot or 599 Crest Trail A T V or Grizzly Summit Route Foot or 1544 A T V

Note, no delimiters were used other than a single space, keep it short. The intent is that the exact name string you use will be used on the map without any editing.