Above the Timber's posters consist of single image photo posters all 18x24 inches. The multiple-image posters are all 24x36 inches and all posters are printed on heavy weight, bright white paper for exceptional photo brilliance. The Fourteeners poster, showing all 54 of Colorado's highest peaks, is now out of print.


Above the Timber publishes a series of scenic theme books about Colorado. The most widely recognized are the Fourteeners titles celebrating Colorado's fifty-four 14,000-foot summits. Most of the Fourteeners books are now Out-of-Print, they are covered here for their historical importance. A Scenic Splendor series of hard cover books, some with included CD-ROM screen savers completes the book line.

GPS Topo Maps

Above the Timber publishes 24,000:1 scale topographical maps in Garmin compatible format for six western states.  The map emphasis is on detailed public lands using light colors with high contrast line features such that field map viewing is optimized, especially with Garmin's line of touchscreen GPS receivers.

The maps work on all Garmin mapping GPS receivers: Montana, Oregon, Dakota, Colorado, GPSMAP 60, 76, 62, 78; eTrex, Rino, Nuvi. See "Map-GPS Compatibility" for a discussion and examples.

Arch Hunting

National Forest Roads

While the bulk of Utah's roads are based on TIGER data, within NF boundaries, TIGER roads were mostly deleted in favor of NF roads. The advantages are many, up to date road existence, more accurate vectors, road numbers and names, road type. In some cases ten TIGER roads were deleted for each NF road added.

Utah Counties

Starting with version 3.0, Utah Counties are visible as a base area. Simply touch any private land (white) area with the cursor and the county name will appear. Alternately, select more info on any area and the county name will appear in the list.

Custom Map Colors

Customize the color palette of the Utah maps. Simply substitute one small file in the map folder to make the change.