Submit Your Tracks

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Setup your GPS

Virtually all Garmin hand held GPS receivers will record your track and lately most Nuvi automotive GPS receivers will also record tracks. A Garmin GPS is not required to record tracks.

Record the Track

This is the fun part, simply turn on your GPS and verify track logging is turned on and go for that hike or get on your wheels. Experience will teach you the subtleties of track recording. Suggest you record the exact name and/or number of the trail at the trailhead using the waypoint feature of your GPS, you'll need it later. A camera also works.

Upload the Track

You have two ways of getting one or more tracks into MapSource from your GPS:

Edit the Track

Editing consists of Trimming, Filtering and Removing Track Scatter, the edit order is not particularly important.

Label the Track

Double Click on your edited track in MapSource to open the Track Properties spreadsheet. At the top is a large Name field.

Save the Track

Normally your saved file will contained a single edited track, it could have multiple tracks provided each is properly edited and labeled as described above.