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Why GPS Maps

Above the Timber's high resolution topographic maps coupled with a Garmin mapping GPS receiver bring maps into the 21st Century. No longer do you have to locate physical landmarks and triangulate your position via map and compass, a tedious and error prone procedure. Your Garmin GPS does all that for you . . . instantly.

Colorado Trails

As the most mature map set in Above the Timber's six western states, the Colorado maps have the most complete trail system. This map set offers over 15,500 miles of trails, the largest collection of Colorado trails, of any map available, not perfect, just the most complete.

Four Maps in One

Each Above the Timber map is actually four separate maps, unlike paper maps or most electronic maps. Even some Garmin compatible maps lack this feature. This 4-in-1 construction is a huge advantage on a small screen handheld GPS, but even on your PC monitor you will appreciate this feature.

Colorado Public Lands

Public lands are shown at 24,000:1 or better resolution if the data was publicly available. Included are National Forest, National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Wilderness Areas, Indian Reservations, National Wildlife Areas, Military, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Energy, State Lands, and State Parks.

Colorado Roads

The Colorado roads include Interstate to 4WD. Federal and state highways are shown in distinct colors and with unique shields for quick identification. All city streets are included, while not routable, the road features greatly aid navigation. Roads are based on the US Census Bureaus TIGER 2009 data.

National Forest Roads

While the bulk of Colorado's roads are based on TIGER 2009 data, for National Forest roads the TIGER roads were deleted in favor of NF roads. The advantages are many, up to date road existence, more accurate vectors, road numbers and names, road type, and permanently closed roads.

Colorado Wilderness

Colorado has over 80 Wilderness, Wilderness Study, Primitive and Wild & Scenic River Areas from National Forest, National Parks and BLM. All provide a non-motorized experience and share Above the Timber's unique light buff area color for quick identification and high contrast object viewing. Simply hover over the base map in the portion of Colorado of interest to quickly find a wilderness to explore.


While great effort was expended in data collection and presentation, Above the Timber assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these maps. Therefore, the user/purchaser assumes all responsibility for any errors in these maps.

Colorado Hydro Data

The High Resolution Water Data is what makes the Colorado maps stand out. Most vector maps only have named water features, named lakes and streams. For every named water feature, their are 100-unnamed water features. To the extent possible with USGS water feature databases, ALL unnamed water features are on these maps. We're talking beaver pond resolution!!!  Additionally, most Colorado rivers are shown at their true extent, bank to bank, not just a line indicating river.

Geographic Points of Interest

Colorado has over 30,000 points of interest showing summits, mines, cemeteries, arches, pillars, basins, springs, flats, ridges, cliffs, waterfalls, communication towers, passes and on and on. All points come from the USGS and appear to be based on 100K or 250K data, hence will often not align perfectly with contours.

Border to Border Coverage

The Colorado maps cover the entire state at the 24,000:1 map scale. That's equivalent to having a single seamless paper map 980 x 720 inches or 82 x 60 feet. 

Forty-Foot Contour Intervals

Elevation contours on Above the Timber's Topos are at 40-foot intervals, the same as standard 7.5-minute USGS Quad maps. Because of the multi-layered nature of the maps, as you zoom out, contours will automatically reduce to 200 foot intervals to avoid contour clutter.

Game Management Units

Colorado Division of Wildlife Big Game (Deer & Elk) Game Management Unit borders are included. See your exact position relative to a GMU border in the field, then use your GPS to measure how far away the border is from your current position.

Continental Divide

The Continental Divide runs over five-hundred miles as it meanders the ridge top through Colorado. A unique high precision line follows this meander.

Colorado Ski Lifts

Every Colorado ski lift and tram is shown in a unique ski lift line type. Each lift is described as follows: Name, Capacity, Elevation Gain, Type and Sub-Type. Lifts not included are beginner lifts of ~100 feet or less at the bottom of the mountain.

Colorado Counties

Starting with version 5.0, Colorado Counties are visible as a base area. Simply touch any private land (white) area with the cursor and the county name will appear.

Map-GPS Compatibility

Will Above the Timber's GPS Topo maps work on my Garmin GPS receiver? Almost for certain YES, see the attached samples.

30-Minute Map Segments

Each map segment covers an area of 30 x 30 minutes of arc or exactly 16 - 7.5 minute Quad Maps. These map segments seamlessly join one to another, therefore you can have an entire state as one seamless map inside your GPS receiver.

Free Demo Map

Download a free demo GPS map of Colorado so you can see a portion of the actual maps cut from the Colorado master maps. 

Custom Map Colors

Customize the color palette of the Colorado maps. Simply substitute one small file in the map folder to make the change.

Colorado Change History

Current Version 6.1, June 2014

All of the changes to the Colorado GPS Topo maps since they were introduced in May, 2007.

Colorado Map Cost

The cost of the Colorado GPS 24K Topo map set is $59.95 either by download or DVD-ROM.  You can also purchase combination state maps at a lower unit cost, see the Buy Now > GPS Maps, on the menu for more details.