Washington Change History

Current Version 2.1, Oct 2009

All of the changes to the Washington GPS Topo maps since they were introduced in December 2007.

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Changes made to the Version 2.1 Maps (Oct 2009):

  • Added Macintosh support.
  • Explicit level definition instead of default. Most object types have been explicitly defined to improve the map viewing experience both in Mapsource and your small screen GPS receiver. Some objects (POIs, ditches, intermittent streams) have been pushed down to reduce clutter, whereas other objects (lakes, secondary roads, trails) have been moved up such that you'll see them sooner.
  • Shields added to Interstate Highways, bug in base map software prevented this in version 2.0.
  • Intermittent streams now shown with a long dashed line, similar to USGS maps.
  • Included two minor trail layers omitted in version 2.0.
  • All* map segments are now 30x30 minutes of arc, this reduces the segment count 75%. *A few minor exceptions.

Changes made to the Version 2.0 Maps (June 2009):


  • Completely reworked paved roads starting from a more modern dataset
  • Road shielding improved, many named and numbered roads now show the number as a shield
  • Major trail upgrade, many added, most are named, all visible at wider zoom levels
  • Most POI's have been removed from the widest zoom level for improved initial visibility and navigation
  • Many POI's added due to improved base map coding
  • BLM and Military areas each in a unique color
  • Removed all sea level contour artifacts at cardinal Quad borders, these were caused by artificial data in the USGS DEM database