Utah Trails

All Utah National Forest and most BLM trails are represented on these maps. All trails are shown as a bold dashed red line or a wider dashed line for motorized trails.

National Forest Trails

All Utah NF units had data to Name and Number trails but also most trails are further subdivided by use. These maps made use of this information to provide both foot and motorized trail line types and often further classified by motorcycle or ATV with a text suffix. Similarly foot trails are frequently classified by Trail or Bike with a text suffix. As always, things change so the trailhead signage is the final arbiter of allowed trail usage.


This Unita NF image shows the various line types, foot and motorized, plus high clearance roads as well a passenger car roads. SH 92 meanders across the upper-right. Notice that the trail contain all three elements: Number, Name and Suffix. In the field you will likely only see the number except perhaps at the trailhead.

BLM Trails

BLM trails are concentrated in the southern half of Utah.

An example of the massive trail set around Moab on BLM lands. This image shows both motorized, bike and hike trails between US 191 and Arches NP.

Kokopelli Trail: The entire 101-mile Kokopelli Trail is shown from the Utah-Colorado border near Grand Junction to Moab. Should be noted, rarely is the track exclusive to the trail, 90% of its length is on existing dirt roads. Since it is an ATV trail, it is shown in the distinctive motorized line type its entire length.




You can improve these trails by submitting your track files, see here.