Wildlife Management Units

Wildlife Management Unit borders have been added at the 24:000 to 1 scale of the maps. See your exact position relative to a WMU border in the field, then use your GPS to measure how far away the border is from your position.

The WMU borders are at the 1:24,000 scale of the maps. That's equivalent to having a single border-less paper map 980 x 720 inches or 82 x 60 feet. Significantly more precision than any PDF print or text description. All border lines are labeled with the adjacent area numbers, for quick reference.

Beginning with the version 3.0 maps, the default WMU line is nearly invisible. However, changing from default TYPE to the WMU TYPE and the line becomes even bolder than past versions. You can have your cake and eat it too. Simply refer to the Colors page to learn the simple process to switch from default to the new bold WMU line style.

Note to Mac Users:

The customizable WMU line style is only available if you first install the maps to a Windows PC, make the Type file change and then convert those WMU modified maps to Mac format, using Garmin MapConverter. The downloaded/DVD Mac maps will only have the default WMU line style.


This is an example of the default WMU line            This is an example of the bold WMU line

Note the the WMU text doesn't disappear, the line is still there, only the default line is very weak.