Utah Public Lands

Public lands are shown at 24,000:1 or better resolution if the data was publicly available. Included are National Forest, National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Wilderness Areas, Indian Reservations, National Wildlife Areas, Military, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Energy, State Lands, and State Parks.

Most public lands have unique colors, all are individually named to the extent of the available data. No legend is needed, touch any of the colored areas and its exact text description will display on your GPS receiver. National Forest and National Park lands have different shades of green to distinguish between them.

Wilderness areas are displayed in a light buff color to distinguish them from the forest, national park or BLM lands. This is done for two reasons, it provides a quick ID for non-motorized lands and the light color allows for higher contrast viewing of geographic land features.

The following screenshots compare Above the Timber 24K maps to Garmin 24K maps, using identical areas at the same scale and detail settings:


Above the Timber 24K Topos Example      Garmin Topo U.S. 24K Southwest Example