Arch Photos

Order the DVD version of the Utah Topo maps and receive over 800 unique geotagged arch and bridge photos. These photos will display on the map and greatly assist your arch hunting.


The geotagged photo option is only available on the DVD version of the map, neither the PC or Mac download version contain any photos.

Most handheld Garmin GPS receivers will display geotagged photos on the map. While most Nuvi's will display photos, few if any will display geotagged photos on any map, road or topo. Here's how the geotagged photos display on a Garmin Oregon 450:


The left screenshot shows the photo icon below-right of the arch icon. Touching the photo icon, center, brings up the photo banner. Touching the banner shows the photo, right. Kudos to Garmin for this well implemented feature.

If you want to test some geotagged photos in your Garmin handheld, below are six geotagged photos to test. Right-click on a photo and select: Save Image As..... and save to a folder on your hard drive. Then use either of the following ReadMe files for the install procedure: Readme.doc    Readme.txt  All six geotagged photos are within the bounds of the demo map so you can see each photo in map context.





It's important to understand, the geotagged photos are not part of the map, rather they are in a seperate layer internal to your GPS. The icon displays on top of the map in the same manner as a waypoint or track.