Utah Change History

Current version 3.0, May 2015

All of the changes to the Utah GPS Topo maps since they were introduced in June, 2008.

Upgrade Now


Changes made to the Version 3.0 Maps (May 2015):

  • Version 3.0 is a massive upgrade with both new and upgraded features
  • Arches by the boatload, there are now more than 4-times as many natural arches and bridges
  • Arch photos, over 800 geotagged arch photos available via DVD
  • Custom arch icon such that arches now pop off the map
  • Roads: all roads redone from scratch: both TIGER and National Forest
  • Improved highway shields by deleting all the town streets coincident with each highway
  • High clearance road, Custom line type
  • Trails: massive upgrade in quantity and now most are numbered and/or named
  • Motorized trail, Custom line type
  • Indian reservation color now differs from wilderness
  • Added a county layer
  • Added a custom color option, you can change the default map colors
  • Made the WMU line almost invisible, can be made bolder than before via the color option



Changes made to the Version 2.0 Maps (April 2010):

  • Explicit level definition instead of default. Most object types have been explicitly defined to improve the map viewing experience both in MapSource and your small screen GPS receiver. Some objects (POIs, ditches, intermittent streams) have been pushed down to reduce clutter, whereas other objects (lakes, secondary roads, trails) have been moved up such that you'll see them sooner.
  • Significant upgrade to public lands layer
  • All water features have been brought to 24K resolution
  • Water data now distinguishes between perennial and intermittent streams
  • Ditches and Canals added and in a unique color
  • Improved base map to enable fast navigation within your GPS or on Mapsource
  • Added WMU Borders for the entire state
  • Added Ski Lifts for the entire state
  • Added Named roads and trails in the Escalante NM