New Mexico Change History

Current version 2.0, April 2012

All of the changes to the New Mexico GPS Topo maps since they were introduced in June, 2010.

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All the changes/additions to the version 2.0 maps, April 2012:

  • Over 20,000 miles of Forest Service roads added to the base TIGER roads
  • Almost all trails now numbered, named or both
  • Philmont Scout Ranch Trails and Property Area added
  • Albuquerque and Santa Fe bike and foot trails added
  • Continental Divide Trail shown in road-less areas
  • User submitted trails added to Gila Wilderness
  • Game Management Unit border lines added in a unique line type
  • Continental Divide Line displayed in a unique line type
  • Many major state road names modified to allow route number shields
  • Santa Fe NF lands upgraded from a 100K data set to a 24K data set
  • Counties now shown via a base area layer
  • POI's with ñ were represented as ? in version 1.0, now n
  • Cumbres and Toltec Scenic RR shown to map clip line, not just the border
  • Changeable public lands colors option added
  • Changeable line type and/or color option added