Four Maps in One

Each Above the Timber map is actually four separate maps, unlike paper maps or most electronic maps. Even some Garmin compatible maps lack this feature. This 4-in-1 construction is a huge advantage on a small screen handheld GPS, but even on your PC monitor you will appreciate this feature.

The whole point of 4-in-1 maps is to not get lost with too much detail for the GPS screen to manage. The feature is even more compelling in that you have control of the zoom level that each map level kicks in. Simply adjust the detail level in MapSource or your GPS receiver.

The four map levels function as follows:

  • Level 1  This shows major features only such as highways, city areas and public lands, but no contours or rivers and streams
  • Level 2  Shows 200-foot contour intervals, all wetlands, glaciers, lakes and ponds, trails, roads, railroads, rivers and major POI's
  • Level 3  Shows rough 40-foot contours, streams, all roads and most POI's
  • Level 4  Shows everything including intermittent streams, rapids, dams, routes and all POI's. 40-foot contours are shown smooth.

The following example images will show the four levels, all with a MapSource detail setting of Medium.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4: