Custom Map Colors

Customize the color palette of the Colorado maps. Simply substitute one small file in the map folder to make the change.

A sub-folder (Colors) is now attached to the main map folder. Inside that folder you will find a Readme.txt file explaining how to make the change. There are four available choices: Default, Light, Garmin and GMU. The first three are self descriptive and the last, GMU, converts the almost invisible GMU line to a bold, easily identifiable border line, within the context of the default area colors, see here.

Note to Mac Users:

The customizable colors option is only available if you first install the maps to a Windows PC, make the Type file change and then convert those color modified maps to Mac format. The downloaded/DVD Mac maps will only have the default colors.

This is an example of the default colors:


This is an example of the light colors:

This is an example of the Garmin colors: