Colorado Change History

Current Version 6.1, June 2014

All of the changes to the Colorado GPS Topo maps since they were introduced in May, 2007.

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Changes made to the Version 6.1 Maps (June 2014):

  • Version 6.1 is a modest change from from 6.0 and only affects roads and trails in these counties: Chaffee, Conejos, Gunnison, Jefferson, Lake and San Juan.
  • The most significant additions are the revised/rerouted sections of the Continental Divide Trail. A newly constructed trail around Winfield was completed and opened in late 2013. Similarly, a new section from Cottonwood Pass to Tincup Pass, under construction for the last ten years, was completed and opened in 2013. This new section when combined with the existing South Texas Creek Trail almost totally eliminates the need to use the motorized Timberline Trail. In both cases, only the new parts completed in 2013 needed to be added, all else was on the 6.0 maps.
  • Numerous trails were added/revised to BLM lands east of the Arkansas River between Salida and Buena Vista.

Changes made to the Version 6.0 Maps (June 2013):

  • Deleted most TIGER roads within national forest boundaries and replaced those with NF roads
  • Added a new high clearance line type based on new data associated with the NF roads
  • Most NF roads are now both numbered and named, a help in the field to identify the correct road
  • Added a motorized trail line type to help users quickly differenciate between motorized and non-motorized trails.
  • Added significant road and trail data for the BLM Royal Gorge Field Office
  • Added many new or changed trails for the Continental Divide and Colorado Trails
  • Dozens of user submitted trail updates and/or new trails

Changes made to the Version 5.02 Maps (October 2011):

  • The v 5.02 map set is only a correction to the optional Custom Colors type files, all three had a defect what rendered the Public Lands features white. If you have v 5.01 and this defect affects you, I can either email corrected type files (10KB) or provide a new download link (270MB) or a replacement DVD. This upgrade does not effect either the Mac maps nor the demo maps, as neither has the Custom Colors option.

Changes made to the Version 5.01 Maps (October 2011):

  • The v 5.01 map set is largely a technical update of the v 5.0 maps. Some older GPS receivers would not display some portions of the maps due to using a not allowed layer code for counties which was undocumented. Now corrected. If you experience problems with v 5.0 or if you purchased v 5.0 and just want the latest version, email with your download link and a new download will be provided. For DVD customers of v 5.0, a new DVD will be mailed upon request.
  • The shared hydro basins on the Utah/Colorado border had different level coding for some features than the rest of the state. Corrected.
  • Added a few more user submitted trails and made a few minor road corrections.

Changes made to the Version 5.0 Maps (September 2011):

  • The v 5.0 map set is 35% larger than the v 4.0 map set, most of this increase is in the hydro detail
  • The public lands areas are largely based on a BLM file dated June 2011, however that dataset had too many errors in National Forest lands and all of those were replaced with NF files
  • The trails layer has increased by 25%, largely from urban trails added along the I-25 corridor, but many other trails were also added
  • State Parks and state park trails have been added, both feature types are named
  • The hydro layer is new from scratch resulting in fewer missed features and an overall higher level of precision
  • The contours were regenerated as one complete set for all four, Four-Corner states
  • A landmark layer was added, many features but most notably city parks, airports, public buildings
  • The ability to change the public land colors has been added, see here
  • The default GMU line has been made nearly invisible, but by using the Colors options, it can be made bolder than in v 4.0
  • Colorado counties added as a base map area. simply touch any open (white) area and the county name will appear
  • Roads are new from scratch, latest data freshly converted, eliminated most of the quaint local names in favor of state and federal numbers for improved shielding


Changes made to the Version 4.0 Maps (May 2010):

  • New from scratch Public lands layer, with both more current and higher precision data
  • Added all Colorado Ski Lifts and Trams with a custom lift line type
  • Added last mile routes for all Fourteeners
  • Added Names/Numbers for the Roosevelt/Arapaho National Forest Trails
  • Added BLM trails in many areas of the state, including Handies, Redcloud & Sunshine
  • Improved the custom route line appearance
  • Changed from 15 x 15 min map segments to 30 x 30 min segments
  • Raised all lakes so you see them at all but the base map level
  • Fixed a dozen random errors in the GMU border lines
  • Added Rapids as a river area feature with a unique pattern
  • Large canals, those with a bank-to-bank extent, now show in the ditch color
  • Works with Garmin BaseCamp v3.0 or later

Changes made to the Version 3.1.1 Maps (Sept 2009):

  • Added Macintosh support

Changes made to the Version 3.1 Maps (Aug 2009):

  • Explicit level definition instead of default. Most object types have been explicitly defined to improve the map viewing experience both in Mapsource and your small screen GPS receiver. Some objects (POIs, ditches, intermittent streams) have been pushed down to reduce clutter, whereas other objects (lakes, secondary roads, trails) have been moved up such that you'll see them sooner.
  • Minor road definition to show back-road continuity

Changes made to the Version 3.0 Maps (May 2009):

  • Added DOW GMU Borders for the entire state
  • Added over one hundred miles of custom roads, trails and routes not available in federal databases
  • Improved road shielding where highways with numeric designations were labeled with local names
  • Intermittent streams now show as a long-dashed line
  • Trail names added for the Rio Grande National Forest
  • Duplicate trails from overlapping forest data have been eliminated
  • Last mile roads added to existing road set, these are shown and labeled as 4WD roads
  • Abandoned roads in federal wilderness areas have been deleted
  • Some line types which showed on your GPS but not in Mapsource, now show in both
  • Improved capitalization, Garmin always uses lower case for the second and subsequent letters. For instance: BLM is shown by Garmin as Blm, to correct this BLM is now most commonly shown as B L M. Not perfect but better.

Changes made to the Version 2.x Maps (May 2008):

  • Coverage of all of Colorado, Border-to-border
  • Coverage of 1792 - 7.5' Quad Maps
  • Regenerated contours to eliminate all seams
  • All public lands shown: Federal, State, Indian; often in unique colors
  • City extents are shown with a unique color
  • State border added
  • Wilderness Areas and BLM lands in a distinct color from National Forest
  • Color values lightened as much as possible so as to not overwhelm line detail
  • High resolution Continental Divide, accurate to the 40-foot contours.
  • High resolution water data fine-tuned to eliminate thousands of error
  • Water data now distinguishes between perennial and intermittent streams
  • Roads completely redone to more accurately depict route continuity, now with highway shields
  • All Trails are shown in a red dashed line vs. the default thin dashed black and most are named
  • The trail projection error has been corrected
  • Glaciers now shown in a realistic blue-white hue
  • Fourteener summit markers have been aligned to the contours
  • Ditches and Canals now in a unique color from streams
  • A colorful base map to enable fast navigation within your GPS or on Mapsource
  • Railroads and Power lines added
  • Install to any hard drive or folder
  • Uninstall created upon install