California Map Cost

The cost of the California GPS map set is $99.95 either by download or DVD-ROM.  Alternatively, you can purchase either Southern or Northern California independently for $59.95 each by download only. The divide line is 37° North - (Santa Cruz-Fresno-Death Valley).

The S California 24K Topos cover the same area as 1856 USGS 7.5 minute paper Quads, which if you could purchase for as little as $5 each, would cost $9280 and you couldn't carry, store of index them. All of California's GPS Topos fit on a fingernail sized memory card and cost $0.027 for each paper quad equivalent. All seamlessly displayed for your viewing pleasure and navigational ease.

If you look at the file download size, you will see that both the N or S California are larger than any other state of Above the Timber's six western state maps. The immense land area and detail account for the enormous map size and the subsequent cost.

You'll see a lot of colored areas below but you don't need a legend. Every area has a unique text descriptor identifying the public land owner/type. Simply download one of the free demo maps to experience this vector map feature compared to old style legend maps. Each sample below has a fly-out example of this quick area ID, simply touch the cursor to an area either on your PC or GPS.