California Trails

California National Forest and National Park Trails are included on the maps. When available trails are always named and/or numbered. All California National Forest and many BLM trails are represented on these maps. All trails are shown as a bold dashed red line for easy viewing in the field.

This table will give you an idea of the trails on the California map, both north and south.

The "Features" column deserves an explanation, it is not the number of trails, rather the number of vectors. By example, The Pacific Crest Trail shows "18" meaning there are only 18 vectors or segments for its entire 1551 mile length. In other cases, it is possible some segments (vectors) are only 100-feet long. It all depends on who created the source file for the data. As a practical matter, using the map on your GPS, you won't notice any difference.

Because trails are vectors, as you zoom in you will see increased trail detail. What looks like a straight line at the widest zoom will often turn into a multiple switchbacks when zoomed to the 24K detail level. This is one of the attributes of the 4-level map, see Four Maps in One.

Pacific Crest Trail:

The entire* length of the PCT is included at high resolution, from the Mexico border to Oregon. By high resolution, even switchbacks are shown in detail, not just a vague wiggly line so common on paper topos.
*A 3-mile section of the PCT is missing near the Mexico border, otherwise the trail is gap-less.

National Park Trails:

Included National Park Units:Channel Islands, Devils Postpile, Lassen, Lava Beds, Mojave Nat Preserve, Pinnacles NM, Point Reyes, Redwood, Santa Monica Mtns, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite.

National Forest Trails:

All National Forest appear to be in the data set. However, none of the trails showed the relevant NF. In any case the vectors stretched from Mexico to Oregon.


California Coastal Trail:

Except for portions inside coastal National Parks or Forest, almost no CCT trails are included. If you have CCT data, please use this link to submit them for future map enhancements.

You can improve the trails by submitting your track files, see here.