Arizona Change History

Current version 2.0, June 2011

All of the changes to the Arizona GPS Topo maps since they were introduced in June, 2010.

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Changes made to the Version 2.0 Maps (June 2011):

  • Most Geographic Points of Interest (POI's) have been removed from the two highest, least detailed layers to minimize point clutter
  • Significant upgrade to public lands layer, both more complete and higher resolution. Especially apparent in BLM and state lands south of the Grand Canyon.
  • The major lakes on the Salt River (Saguaro, Canyon, Apache, and Roosevelt) have had various defects fixed.
  • Coconino NF trails added.
  • Massive BLM trail complex added around Lake Havasu City. Mostly ATV, with some hiking and equestrian.
  • Numerous BLM trails added on the Utah/Arizona border region.
  • City areas moved to all map levels for quicker city identification.
  • Snowmobile trails removed when they were coincident with hiking trails, to reduce clutter.
  • Many duplicate trails removed, trail naming favored the longer trail.
  • Indian Lands color lightened for better line contrast.