Upper Arkansas

The Upper Arkansas GPS Topo maps are a subset of the Colorado GPS Topo maps intended for the visitor or resident of the Upper Arkansas valley who wants only this smaller area. The maps have all the features of the full state maps, see here. In addition to viewing the maps in any Garmin mapping GPS, you can view and print the maps using your PC or Mac by using Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp, both free downloads.

If you like to hike Colorado's beautiful trails, then you'll find no better maps, bar none. There are numerous trails on these maps that exist on no other maps, GPS or otherwise. Some examples:

  • The Continental Divide trail from Cottonwood Pass to FR 267 Tincup Pass, a 9-mile stretch of alpine grandeur which tops out at 12,900-feet and is seldom below 12,000-feet. Under construction for the last ten years, the last mile of the trail will be completed in the summer of 2013.
  • The Whipple Trails, a series of foot and bike trails on BLM lands on the east side of the Arkansas River and accessible via a foot bridge from downtown Buena Vista. Extending past the Whipple trails is the Midland Hill trail, BLM 6032, which had 200 man-days of trail improvements by VOC in 2009. The view from the summit is better than most Fourteeners.
  • Arkansas Hills Trails, a network of bike and hiking trails north of Salida.
  • Methodist Mountain Trails, a network of bike and hiking trails south of Salida.
  • Lost Lake Trail, a short trail to an alpine lake at 11,909 feet just below the Continental Divide.
  • South Texas Creek Loop, part trail, part alpine ridge with spectacular views of the Three Apostles.
  • The newly constructed (2011) part of the Continental Divide Trail bypassing FR390 to Winfield.
  • The newly constructed (2012) part of the Continental Divide Trail from Winfield to the Silver Basin Trail.

Trails you'd expect to find on any quality map set are included on these maps, for example:

  • Fourteeners, the Sawatch Range has 15 - 14,000-foot summits, 14 of which are on these maps, often with multiple summit trails.
  • The Colorado Trail runs along the east side of the Sawatch range from Tennessee Pass to Marshall Pass.
  • Too numerous to mention, the hundreds of miles of trails in the San Isabel National Forest.

The map coverage, all in 24K detail: