Trails and Roads

The Philmont map contains 274 miles of trails and 236 miles of roads. Since most of the roads are in the back country of the ranch, they are effectively trails, that amounts to 500 miles of trails on or originating from the Philmont property.

The trail data-set was pruned to eliminate almost all trail/road duplicates. See the Baldy Mountain screenshot, below, and notice on the lower right a trail entering a road switchback then exiting, that's one of the few times a trail will overlap a road. Another reason for eliminating trails where roads exist is that all Garmin GPS receivers display all road types above trails, so trails would mostly be invisible when displayed coincident with roads.



Trails are displayed in a bold dashed red line for high visibility both on your PC and GPS in the field. Also, unlike transparent overlay trail maps, you will be able to view the trails in context to all other map features on your PC. Neither Garmin MapSource or Basecamp will display a transparent overlay above a topo map, a huge disadvantage for trip planning. Trails are displayed at all but the least detailed map level so that you can quickly get the big picture then zoom in for increasing map detail.

Trails are mostly named for relevant geologic features, when none were obvious they are named "Trail". You can help improve the Philmont maps by adding your tracks, see here.