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The Philmont map is a complete topographical map of the entire ranch and surrounding area. It includes trails and roads, contours, hydrographic features, POI's, public land ownership and four levels of map detail. See the New Mexico map to better understand most of what is included in a typical 24,000:1 scale GPS Topo map.

As you can see from the screen shots below, the maps can be viewed equally well on your PC via Garmin MapSource/BaseCamp or on any Garmin GPS receiver. You are encouraged to download any of the free demo maps and try before you buy. If the demo map will work on your PC and GPS, then the Philmont map will work equally well.

This image is a Level 1 view of the entire Philmont map, showing major highways, nearby towns and the ranch property.

The detail is increased dramatically as you zoom to Level 3.

Trails and Roads

The Philmont map contains 274 miles of trails and 236 miles of roads. Since most of the roads are in the back country of the ranch, they are effectively trails, that amounts to 500 miles of trails on or originating from the Philmont property.


While great effort was expended in data collection and presentation, Above the Timber assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these maps. Therefore, the user/purchaser assumes all responsibility for any errors in these maps.

Philmont Change History

Current Version 1.0, February 2012




Philmont Map Cost

The cost of the Philmont GPS Topo Map is $29.95 by download, no DVD option exists. Both Windows and Mac versions are available via download.