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Tips For Preserving Timber Floors

If you have a wooden floor, surely one of your concerns is that it does not look damaged and dull. Next we will give you a series of tips to keep them and make them look like new.

To remove dirt that can accumulate on the floor, it is best to sweep the floor with a brush with soft and fine bristles, as they are ideal for capturing dust.

Once you have thoroughly swept everything , wipe it with an almost dry cloth, just moistened in a formula composed of half a cup of white vinegar that you will dissolve in 4 liters of water.

Remember not to leave the floor wet as this will cause the timber to deform. Never use cleaners with an oily base, especially if the floor has just been laid, as it will only help dirt stick and create a nasty layer that is difficult to remove. Surely the place where you buy your wooden floor will advise you on the best cleaner you can apply.

A natural way to keep your wooden floors shiny and like new is to clean them with a liquid that you can prepare with two tea bags in a liter of hot water for two minutes and then spread it over the entire surface with the help of a cloth. This mixture can be alternated with half a tablespoon of olive oil and ¼ cup of vinegar or fresh lemon juice. You will see that your floors will shine at all times as if they had just been waxed.

So that the wooden floor is not ruined, an excellent idea is to place rugs in the places where there is more traffic , so that in this way you can prevent scratches or dirt that damages the surface.

Preserve your floors from scratches by placing sliding pads on each of the legs of the chairs and tables to avoid that when dragging them to run them they leave marks, if possible lift them even when they have protection.…