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Read note below before purchase.


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Colorado GPS Topo Maps
version 6.1

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274 MB

Washington GPS Topo Maps
version 2.1

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223 MB

Utah GPS Topo Maps
version 3.0
Buy Now $59.95

263 MB

New Mexico GPS Topo Maps
version 2.0
Buy Now $59.95

220 MB

Arizona GPS Topo Maps
version 2.0
Buy Now $59.95 330 MB

California GPS Topo Maps
version 1.0

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2 Files
350 MB each

Four Corners Combo
one each of Ariz, Colo, NM & Utah

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4 Files

Philmont Scout Ranch
version 1.0 
Buy Now $29.95 4 MB
Colorado Trail Topo Maps
version 1.0
Buy Now $29.95 17 MB
Upper Arkansas Topo Maps
version 1.0
Buy Now $29.95 9 MB


Macintosh Map Buyers - Read BEFORE Purchase

The Mac map product is slightly different than the Windows version, same maps different installation. Instead of a custom installer, you will receive a TGZ file with installation instructions. These instruction are separate from the TGZ file. You are strongly encouraged to download the free demo version of the maps, and test the install before purchasing the full map set.


After the download is complete, you will have a single copy of the State24KTopos.TGZ file. The download link expires in four days!!!  You are strongly encouraged to create a backup copy to CD or another hard drive. If your copy of State24KTopos.TGZ file is lost, for whatever reason, Above the Timber is not responsible. When your hard drive crashes or if you want to install the maps to a new Mac, you will need this file. Transferring the map .img files will not work, State24KTopos.TGZ is the only file which will install the map files to your MacIntosh computer.