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An In-depth Guide On How To Maximize The Durability Of Your Wooden Floors

Looking for a flooring material that will make your home look stylish and elegant? Well, you cannot go wrong with a wooden floor. Many homeowners love wooden floors for many excellent reasons, such as the fact that timber floors give a home a stylish look that cannot be achieved with other flooring materials. Further, when properly maintained, wooden flooring tends to last for eons. With just the benefits mentioned above, it is easy to see why many property owners prefer wooden floors above all other options.

If you are a first time owner of a home fitted with wooden floors and you are wondering how you can ensure that your flooring remains beautiful and pristine for as long as possible, we have compiled a detailed guide on how to maintain your floors best. If you follow the tips above, you will soon find out that taking proper care of your floor happens to be as easy as ABC.

Polishing & General Wooden Floor Care Tips

You should always ensure that you are cleaning timber surfaces with gentle tools that will not cause any abrasions and scratches, for starters.

Ideally, it would help if you cleaned your floorboards at least once a week with a broom with soft bristles to prevent the surface from getting scratches. Cleaning once a week is recommended since it prevents the accumulation of large debris that can cause a lot of damage through scratching. If your floor has sticky stains that cannot be removed with a broom, use a mop but ensure that you wipe your floor with a dry cloth immediately afterward to prevent damage by moisture. Cleaning your wooden floors in the following ways is a great way to ensure that they remain dust-free. Further, in the process, you will also be enhancing your wooden floors’ longevity by many years.

If you see that your floors are losing their luster, there are many types of wooden floor polishes available in the market. Though you can carry out DIY polishing of your floors, it is best to leave this work to professionals. A skilled contractor will carry out the job skillfully and ensure that you are left with glossy and shiny floors.

Top Tips For Carrying Out Regular Maintenance

No matter how long ago you installed your wooden floors, they will always give your home an elegant and appealing look. However, to maintain this aesthetically pleasing look in your home, you have to maintain your floors. Below, we have discussed how to carry out proper maintenance on wooden floors.

When walking on wooden floors, avoid using long-heeled shoes or footwear to cause abrasions on the surface. The wrong type of shoes can dent your floors and make them look unappealing. Further, if you have pets, ensure that you install rugs and carpets so that their nails do not scratch the surface.

To prevent your furniture from causing dents on the floor surface, ensure that you install pads or use grippers around the furniture’s legs. Though your floors will eventually sustain damage from regular foot traffic, it is best to take preventative measures against avoidable damage when you can. Remember that in all instances, prevention is better than cure. To maintain the appeal of your floors, invest in the protection of your floors.

It would help if you also took special care to ensure that your floors do not get damaged by fluids. For example, water can cause extensive damage to your floors. When water spills are left untouched on a wooden floor surface for long, they can cause the timber to swell up or shift. This type of damage can be complicated and expensive to repair. Further, there is also a high risk of sustaining injuries on a floor that is swollen. Ideally, you should ensure that you mop floors immediately any fluid gets spilled and provide the affected area dries appropriately.

Tips On How To Repair Damages On Your Wooden Floors

Wooden floors tend to sustain minor damages from normal wear and tear. Though this usually gives an abode a ‘lived-in feel’, some homeowners like their properties to always look new and pristine. Should your floor have minor damages, and you want to give it a new look, you can seek out experienced floor contractors in your locality. These professionals will sand, refinish and then polish your floor hence giving it its original pristine look. On calling contractors, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to redesign your floors and give them a new aesthetic appeal. For example, if you have a light-colored floor and want to give your home an opulent and luxurious look, you can add a dark finishing.

If you are looking to add value and style to your home by adding a new flooring material, consider installing a timber floor. Apart from the added aesthetic appeal, you can be sure that this flooring type will last for years to come should you follow the maintenance tips discussed in the article above.…